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Chairman of Dongchi Energy, led the team to participate in the "11th Northeast Asia Industrial Technology Forum" held by Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology
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Recently, Jilin Dongchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Organized a serious study of the party's twenty national Congress report, chairman Xie Haiming that the Central Party School summary is very in place: Party's twenty big report foresight, thoughtful, rich in content, scientific plan in the next five years or even longer goals and tasks of the party and national undertaking development and major policy, has a strong ideological content, strategic, forward-looking, guidance, is the comprehensive construction socialism modernization country of its kind in the article is a shining glory of the marxist theory of a programmatic document, Especially in the context of global energy development, this is both an opportunity and a challenge, which is of guiding significance to us.

On October 25, 2022, the autumn is cool, the sky is clear and the air is long, and the high-profile 11th Northeast Asia Industrial Technology Forum was held smoothly in the City Pavilion of China and South Korea demonstration zone. Under the leadership of Chairman Xie Haiming, part of the team attended and learned from Dongchi Energy.

Li Yan, director of Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said in his speech: "On the road of Jilin's revitalization and development, the new energy industry is increasingly attracting attention. Now, the construction of the land scenery Three Gorges Project in Jilin Province has been fully launched, the construction of the two 'green power' parks in Baicheng and Songyuan and the UHV channel of 'Jiden Southern transmission' has been promoted, and FAW Hongqi E-QM5 new energy electric vehicle has been officially delivered and operated. It marks a new chapter in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in our province." As Director Li said, Jilin Province not only ranks among the top in the layout of new energy vehicles in China, but also has strategic cooperation with FAW in the research and development of semi-solid battery as a local scientific research enterprise in Jilin.

Yong.Xu , Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, said in his speech that he hoped China, Japan and the ROK could join hands in the development of new energy industry. The solid-state battery collaborative innovation platform phase I project prepared by Jilin Dongchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is also about to be built in the China-South Korea demonstration zone. Dongchi Energy hopes to take this opportunity to strengthen the international cooperation and exchange of solid-state batteries.

Weiyou.Chen , A first-class inspector of Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, introduced the development of new energy and related industries in Jilin Province at the forum: At present, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation has reached 9.52 million kW, new energy projects are under construction of 5.71 million kW, new energy projects are planned to be built of 9.2 million kW, and supporting natural gas power generation projects of 4x83 million kW. The total installed capacity of new energy will reach 23.44 million kW. As director Chen said, new energy will usher in unprecedented development opportunities, and new energy distribution storage is a must road for the development of new energy in our country, especially since March this year, the provinces have all had the mandatory requirement of new energy distribution proportion, Jilin Province has also come out with a corresponding 14 related policies; Dongchi Energy has also developed related products in the power storage market.



During the intermission of the meeting, the chairman of Dongchi Energy and the Department of Science and Technology leaders and industry experts for experience exchange.

Also speaking at the meeting were Roh Beom-sik, president of the Gangwon Science Park, Japan jp Commerce Department of labor industry in the future to create classes of Jin Zeming birth, jilin academy of agricultural sciences researcher Jin Rongde, Korea institute of science and technology institute of natural things PiaoYing ty, jp agriculture proving ground field sitting east enlightenment, kyrgyzstan electricity shares the hydrogen Dong Wu, deputy director of the industrial centre South Korea hydrogen industry association, vice President of Eva day, jp industry technology center of machinery institute, jade material Hiroyasu well.