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Our Mission

In order to implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping 's speech on promotion of economic recovery of  Northeast China, the MOE(Ministry of Education, china), NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology), MOIIT( Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), SASAC(State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council) jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting new breakthroughs in the Development of Northeast Education in the New Era to Enhance the Strategic Capacity of Comprehensive Revitalization of Services".  Under the guidance of MOE, in conjunction with the Changchun Municipal Government and Northeast Normal University (NENU), the "Solid-State Battery Collaborative Innovation Platform, SSBCIP" was established in 2020.

The platform aims to solve major key issues in the development of solid-state battery industries, core technologies and key-equipment, system integration capabilities. Our target is to promote the rapid development of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage System and other portable power devices in China.

Jilin Dongchi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongchi Energy) has been established under this opportunity, which is one of the core industry members of SSBCIP Alliance. Dongchi Energy is responsible for scaling-up of polymer-based solid-state battery, and the company's main task is to spin-out technology achievements accumulated by NENU. Dongchi Energy will lead the fields of polymer based solid-state batteries with experienced experts and industry standards. We will do our best to strength China's solid-state battery in the future, and to power the world with our product.

"Solid-State Battery, Leading by Dongchi."

It is not just a Slogan, it is our mission.

We wish to become your honorable business partner through our integrity and dedication, by grasping the cutting-edge technology of science progress.

We will work hard and keep-moving in this field of SSB. Dongchi Energy will shine in the field of EES, EV and portable devices with the efforts of every customs and partners in the coming years.

What makes Dongchi Energy a great company? Creating a sustainable and green Earth with our technology.


Prof./Dr. Haiming Xie is a leading expert in the research field of Li-ion batteries. He has enriched expertise in lithium iron phosphate cathod (LFP), High-temperature Separators, non-combustible Electrolytes, Ultra-low temperature batteries and polymer based Solid-State Batteries. He was awarded with many titles such as the Category B talent in the category of "18 Policies for Talents" of Jilin Province, Jilin Province Innovative Scientist, "Changbai Mountain Scholar" of Jilin Province, and MOE "21st Century Outstanding Talent". Currently, he served as an expert on EV for MOST, the chief scientist for SSBCIP, and the Director of the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Power Batteries Lab.