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Technical Strength
Technical Strength
Solid-state battery
Semi-solid-state battery-sulfide based composite electrolyte
Time:2022-07-04 20:49:33View count:

Sulfide-based composite solid-state electrolyte has been deemed as “Holy Grail” for unlocking solid-state lithium metal batteries (SSLMBs) with high-energy density, combining the extremely high ionic conductivity of sulfide and machinability of organic polymer. However, this appealing system is hitherto stymied by two hindrances, difficult to synthesize due to the chemical incompatibility of sulfide with moisture and polar solvents, moreover, interfacial instability with lithium (Li) anode inducing severe Li dendrite grown. Herein, by utilizing perfluoropolyethers as bifunctional adjuvant, we initiatively fabricate sulfide-based composite electrolyte, Poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) (PVDF-HFP)/Li10GeP2S12 and assemble SSLMBs. Perfluoropolyethers with low molecular weight facilitate the stable dispersion of Li10GeP2S12 in casting solution, ascribed to their strong electronegativity of C–F bonds. In addition, high molecular weight perfluoropolyethers function as interfacial stabilizer, dramatically improving the interfacial compatibility with Li anode by in-situ forming a LiF-rich solid electrolyte interphase layer. This composite electrolyte exhibits high room temperature ionic conductivity (0.18 mS cm−1), outstanding lithium ion transfer number (0.68), good mechanical strength and nonflammability. The solid-state LiFePO4ǁLi battery presents superior long-term cycling stability and rate capability. Our study paves a new way for fabricating the sulfide-based composite electrolyte, provides an effective strategy for constructing compatible solid-state electrolyteǁLi interface.